Case Studies – Who We Help

Showcasing B2B Industries

B2B leadgen has gotten harder
It's no longer enough to put product copy and a lead form on a webpage. Today, marketers must know about big data analytics, advanced pay-per-click (PPC) and social media techniques. That expertise is hard to find.

Partnering on PPC for the Win
- For technology and high-value product firms, PPC brings buyers hunting for exactly what they make.
- For consulting, IT and professional service firms, PPC builds reputation as a thought leader.

Outsourcing PPC strikes a healthy balance
Wth a partner fulfilling demand for leads; B2B marketers are free to create strong product content that will make marketing funnels even better.

Revitalizing Healthcare

Regulatory restrictions discourage outbound
Companies in the life sciences industry, whether they sell directly to physicians/hospitals or indirectly through patients, face a marketing challenge. Tight regulatory restrictions leave few marketing channels to reach customers.

Digital advertising gets through; get results
PPC works because it is seen by patients who have been tightly targeted, who are actively searching for answers.
- They are taken straight to a company's site where they read about a device, service or procedure.
- Those who list a call-in number get more inquiries and appointment bookings, with full call-tracking metrics.

Agencies Serving Clients with Complex Sales

Creative must translate into sales
Companies in the above verticals expect a lot from their marketing agencies. They want the creative that agencies make to attract sales leads; artistic merits are secondary.

Agencies who bring us in as a PPC partner end up boosting their value to clients, because their creative brings in more leads.

Many Specialties, One Client
Agencies from many digital niches partner with us, including:
- web design
- PR & content marketing
- brand strategy
- SEO & social media