Tech is Under a Time Crunch
You see how short a shelf life intellectual property has when last quarter’s new product is superceded by today’s point release or product launch. Unlike commodities with stable value over time, leading-edge technology’s value depreciates quickly. From the moment you’ve validated the market’s need for your technology, you need outbound marketing that reaches your target audience. It’s the only way to cross the chasm from early adopters to the largest segments of your prospective audience.

We believe the best way to speed up technology adoption is by generating leads with outbound marketing campaigns. Our expertise is in gaining mindshare about your solution and devising ways to compress your sales cycle. In our experience this has made such a difference to revenues, it is the difference between stagnation and rapid growth.

You’re Selling to Someone Who’s Nothing Like You
Reality is, the vast majority of people buy technology only because they have a problem. Most of these people aren’t in love with technology. The first time these non-technical buyers hear about your new technology, their mind goes hunting for positive associations and experiences with your product, but it doesn’t find them. Without any context to go on, their gears seize, delaying or even killing their decision to buy your product.You need content to give the non-engineer decision makers who evaluate your technology on how well it helps their business. The challenge is to come up with an engaging way to tell them how they will benefit from your product. Fortunately, you can get outside experts to effectively speak their language and market to them. It could take time to understand your technology, but once an outsider ‘gets it.’ they will create content that can compel your prospects to get in touch with you.

Many industries have marketing & sales functions that can work independently and rely on personal relationships for generating revenue. Technology companies can’t afford this kind of autonomy; one mishap could bring their cash flow to a halt. Luckily for technology companies, who engineer every other process in their business, the act of generating leads online and moving them from your website to your sales team is also a process. Whether it be retooling your website or auditing the effectiveness of current campaign, we approach selling funnels systematically. We work with you to calibrate the process until it almost works automatically and you have the sales results to prove it.

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