I’m not giving you yet another post…well, today, anyway.

always be testing book

Instead, the writing here comes to you courtesy of Bryan Eisenberg, who wrote a book called “Always Be Testing.” This snippet describing someone Googling your product/service/brand encapsulates one of the most important parts of marketing online – relevancy:


“The search terms a user keys in and follows reveals her intent. The more specific the term, the more transparent the intent. If you want to convert, then your AdWords, banners, landing pages, and site must serve the content and path that match the intent of the search term.”


Bryan masterfully shows, in the briefest of ways, what anyone using search and social tools must do in order to effectively market their wares.

See how Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns use Search Engines to reach buyers at the moment they intend to find your solution, by clicking below.


image: stock photo used under license.