PPC targeting

Most of us understand how media channels work and how to measure their effectiveness. We can easily decipher the ways to use Email, Organic Search as well as traditional media to reach our prospects. Pay-per-click (PPC for short) may seem tougher for us to understand, due to technical terms (specific keywords, landing pages, etc). These stem from how granular PPC can get; but let’s not be thrown by that. Keeping it simple, PPC can be likened to a day at the rifle range:

    • Each individual campaign and ad group is an individual gun
    • Each ad is a bullet
    • A keyword search triggers it to fire
    • A user’s clickthrough to a landing page is like hitting the target

It’s probably old hat to us who have executed PPC through platforms like Google AdWords, but keeping this simple allows us to see how it stacks up against other marketing channels.

See how Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns use Search Engines to reach buyers at the moment they intend to find your solution, by clicking below.


Image credit: Flickr member Albertoalerigi