Throughout the summer, we held a weekly series recommending our favourite marketing books. Today we bring them to you here so you can get your reading fix in one place. To find out more about the books, click on “Watch Review” to find out what CEO Glenn Schmelzle has to say about the book.

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Scott Brinker takes a technological approach to marketing in his book Hacking Marketing: Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster, and More Innovative. Brinker introduces many processes and frameworks that can be applied to take your marketing efforts into the future by driving growth with more marketing experiments while actually reducing risk. 

A compact book that’s straight to the point, branding expert David Aaker gives his 20 most important principles to establishing and managing a successful brand. It provides a checklist of strategies, perspectives, tools, and concept that will make you rethink the way you’re currently doing this.

Seth Godin published this groundbreaking book in 1999 about the concept of permission-marketing. The book makes the argument that marketing communications should be sent to those who have given consent to receive them, as they are more interested in the material and more likely to make a purchase. Godin explains how the concept can be applied to any industry and is a must read for anyone in marketing or running a business.

A slightly different take on a marketing book, Tim Ash writes about the human brain and the similarities that all of us share in the way our brains are hardwired to work. The book discusses the decision making process and human behavior in a way that has never been explored before.

Frederick Vallaeys jumps ten steps ahead on the transformation taking place in pay-per-click (PPC), preparing for the inevitable future of an industry dominated by Artificial Intelligence. PPC agencies are experiencing changes like canary in a coal mine. The first audience affected by this AI-led change is agency owners, but the book can be applied beyond those companies, to every PPC advertiser who wants to capitalize on the technological advancements and not be left behind.

Entrepreneurs get idolized for their visionary thinking. Yet regardless of how gifted they are, they have the same brains we do, and as Chris shows, the main thing that separates them is that they’ve become accustomed to seeing the world differently. How do they apply this ‘entrepreneurial thinking’? You will have to read Chris’ lighthearted stories to see how. If you do, you’ll find his depictions memorable ways to see the opportunities that are everywhere in everyday life.

This checklist is essential if you are looking to build or upgrade a website for your business. Stoney DeGeyter gives a digital marketing guide for business owners to navigate the intricacies of website building and how to master digital skills such as social media.

One of Silicon valley’s most respected entrepreneurs shares the secrets that made him one of the most successful startup founders in the world. After selling his company Opsware to HP for $1.6 billion, Ben Horowitz started an investment company alongside his business partner Marc Andreessen. The pair leverage their experience and industry contacts into helping early-stage startups grow and establish themselves in the market. Horowitz discusses some of the most common issues that startups face, and shares his stories of success and failure in attempting to tackle these issues.

A pioneering marketing book that explores the psychology of sharing, the content code arms readers with the strategies necessary for success in social media marketing, and how to master digital skills such as SEO and social media content. The book has material that is suitable for all budgets and different types of industries, making it a must-read for marketing managers wanting to take their company’s digital presence to the next level.

During his time at Salesforce, David Priemer realized that the methods they were using to sell would not work on him if he was the buyer. That’s when he realized that sales methods needed to become more human, and a level of connection and trust should be established between the seller and the buyer. In this book Premier goes through the dos and don’ts of connecting to customers. 

Joe Pulizzi shows you how its possible to build a business that doesn’t start out with a product or service! As crazy as it sounds, Pulizzi has done it and so has many others who took inspiration from the methods and case studies mentioned in this marketing book. Start off by creating content and building an audience, and once you have harvested your audience, you start to monetize what you do and turn it into a business. Pulizzi gives insight on how anyone who has the entrepreneurial drive can use content to build a paying audience.

Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman added more accolades to his long and illustrious career with this award winning book about behavioral science and psychology. The book summarizes many of Kahneman’s academic research and comes up with a thesis that says people think and act in two ways. The first is a “fast” way of thinking, relying on emotions and instincts, the second is a “slow” way of thinking, which slower, more deliberative, and more logical. 


Tim Wu goes through the history of advertising, and how the industry has evolved through different eras, mediums, and strategies. However, one thing remained constant throughout all these changes; the scramble to get our attention. The book explores some of the pushback, by both consumers and governments, against the “attention merchants.” 

Unmarketing takes the initiative to show readers the wrongs of doing things the old way, and what new changes to marketing they should embrace. From ditching cold calling and flyers to introducing viral marketing techniques and podcasting, Scott Stratten and Alison Stratten show readers how to build trust and make lifelong customers. 

CBC radio host and one of Canada’s most influential marketing professional shares his stories from over three decades in the industry. Terry O’Reilly goes in depth on how to understand the fundamentals of good marketing strategy and building the relationships that turn good marketing into great results in this national bestseller. 

In this book, Kevin Ashton dives into the history and thought process of the world’s greatest creators. From Mozart to the Wright Brothers to Steve Jobs, Ashton explains how new ideas and creations come to life, and what obstacles they had to overcome. A must read for anyone looking to do things outside the conventional. 

Gone are the days of sales reps meeting prospects to guide them through the process of buying their products. Today, buyers are more informed and have more choices than ever, and the majority of their purchasing cycle happens behind a screen. Web analytics is what helps you decode how their reaction to your messaging. This book by Steven Woods helps B2B marketing professionals understand the dynamics of marketing complex products and services.

There are very few books on marketing automation, despite the fact that there are a half-dozen major software platforms, each with huge bases by now. Kudos to Casey Cheshire for writing a book that sticks as much as it can to strategy, which hopefully gives this book a long shelf-life.

Avinash Kaushik goes in detail to change your perspective on web analytics. The book covers everything you need to know about the data metrics you receive and how to understand them and put them to use in generating business for your company.