Manage Leads from Site to Sale

Overview of Marketing AutomationThe era of giving everyone the same old marketing treatment is over. The tools and expertise exist to handle the most complex sales by building a relationship with identified website visitors, sending them emails according to their individual needs, nurturing them until they are sales-ready.

By blending email, analytics and content management functionality, Marketing Automation software does all its prospect-related activities from inside one system. Leveraging your proprietary content and your email database, you can use every data point that’s gathered on them to drive rules about what each prospect sees at each interaction.

GPS for the Buyer’s Journey

Customer journey signs
As prospects receive your emails, visit sales-oriented landing pages and accept offers, they are sharing with you where they are in their journey. Knowing this, you can determine when and how to steadily ‘drip’ on them until sales can get involved to close the deal.

Drawing metrics out of Marketing Automation, you can see the rate at which sales closed the leads passed from marketing into the CRM. Tags set up on other touch points can be reported on, helping you see how effectively your channels, site content and emails work together.

Configuring Marketing Automation requires knowing how to: have content loaded for each journey stage, assign dynamic audience segments, assemble triggering offers, as well as design workflow logic. Finally, each conversion action is rated for scoring the lead’s sales-readiness.

“[Email nurturing gives] marketers the ability to have 100% personalized campaigns for every person in their database. This personalization…is the number-one reason that people adopt marketing automation.”
Mathew Sweezey, Marketing Insights Principal, Salesforce

Complex Campaigns are Our Specialty

Our services can accommodate companies regardless of what technology they have. We can fast-track our implementation of lead nurturing for clients who have Marketing Automation.  We also help clients about to buy a system with conceptualized campaign designs that show how lead nurturing will work when the system is in-place. Regardless of their technology or how complex their sales are, marketing teams who have used our help to run their marketing automation campaigns agree – it’s a much better way to manage leads.

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