Does more content mean more conversions?

You’ve created a site with a large amount of content for your prospects, using a variety of media, including blog posts, podcasts or how-to videos. But whether you have 50 or 500 pieces of content,  the Internet is always hungry for more. Knowing how much marketing budget to allocate to content creation is hard. The question it invites from managers is “does this content convert traffic into leads?” Is it just content for content’s sake? If it doesn’t bring visitors through your funnel, it’s all for nothing.

content creation Getting the Right Content

The first challenge is knowing if all your pieces of content work together as a funnel. You cannot tell this at the time you are creating content. The posts have to be published before you can know how engaging they are.

The good news is that analytics can be used to identify gaps in content.  By categorizing web pages into topics and measuring which pages show traction, you can identify gaps where the buyer’s questions aren’t answered by your content.  When all the gaps are filled, you have enough content for every step of the journey the buyer needs to take.

Putting Content in front of the Right Audience

financial calculation ROI content

Then there is the issue of knowing if your content is worth promoting on paid media. Would it bring in enough leads to be worth the money? How does an organization realize enough ROI from their content to justify investing paying to put it in front of a large audience?  

Helping your Lead Generation

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