Fixed Investment; Uncertain Payback 

Training enriches the professional lives of millions, while offering great profit potential to the thousands who provide it. But there are risks in the event-running business that can steal profit. They involve lengthy lead-times and the multiplicity of venues and seats needing to be filled. Consider the difficulties in tackling these two challenges: 

training calendar

Course and Location Challenges

If you are a trainer that promotes courses through pay-per-click advertising, you know that it’s difficult to keep ad campaign budgets in harmony with constantly-changing seat inventory. Even offering advance-purchase incentives like Earlybird offers only goes so far towards making ticket sales work within your timeframe.

If you run any kind of in-person event. The search engines and social platforms have default settings that promote events according to the needs of their advertising auction, with no regard to whether they spend in the cities you care about, or not.

Balancing promotions between multiple events is also a problem. Covering multiple geographies simultaneously can make it hard to tie a ticket sale back to a specific promotional campaign. Without knowing what drove sales conversions, you don’t know what marketing changes to make.

Our Solution for Event Runners 

We use data from your website and course sales to inform how we manage promotional campaigns.  We customize ads with purchase incentives that coincide with your Earlybird window. This brings you revenue well before the workshops happen and helps find the optimal pricing for your training.  A blend of human expertise and automation is used to allocate budget across several courses and geographic locations at the same time, with the goal of filling all available seats while maximizing profits.

Helping Your Lead Generation

We’ll show you how marketing can bring you enough ticket sales to cover all event costs, all marketing costs, with money left over for profit. Learn how to gain prospective customers at a low enough acquisition cost to guarantee a profit.