Social is an increasingly important part of digital marketing

Regardless of your industry, it’s safe to say that your prospects are present on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora or YouTube. They are doing business by networking and solving work-related issues by participating in groups and scanning feeds. All this activity provides data that gives advertisers unparalleled targeting, including by demographics, firmographics, topics, interests or retarget those who have previously interacted with you.



LinkedIn has a number of possibilities for presenting ads on their platform. You can post an image or video with text, an Image or video ad without any text, or you can post a text only ad. 

LinkedIn is the best platform to use for B2B companies, however it has the highest cost to advertise on compared to other social platforms.

We’ve been using LI ads since they were first rolled out. We have managed over 50k of campaigns spend in the course of generating leads for our clients on LI

Twitter allows you to promote a sponsored tweet, or promote your brand as a sponsored account to follow. Twitter has a global reach and a higher chance of virality. It is a good fit if your company wants to establish a presence in more than one geographical market.

One thing to watch with Twitter is the platform’s ongoing issue with bots. Without the right campaign settings, bots can account for a large portion of ad clicks, inflating metrics and misleading advertisers regarding the platform’s true value.

We have been actively advertising on Twitter since 2016 and have learned how to prevent the platform from draining campaign spend and ways to avoid trolls and manipulative bots, in order to get maximum value out of its hyper-focused targeting.

Youtube allows you to have a video advertisement either inside of a video, or shown besides videos people are watching. Videos have the highest rate of engagement across all communication methods, however, you usually only have five seconds before users can skip the ad, and there is a limited control over the video content which your ads appear with. 

Clients with interesting video assets have told us how fortunate they are to see the amazing reach they get with the help of campaigns that steer clear of bad brand associations while getting significant awareness at an unusually low spend.

Quora has been described as Wikipedia-meets-LinkedIn. Quora’s question and answer format allows advertisers to sponsor a number of different content assets, it also allows you to insert a banner ad in between comments on posts. 

Quora has the ability to position your brand as a category leader in your industry by using intent based targeting. Once they see you demonstrate expertise through your content, Quora audience members will look further into your brand.

We have had success elevating the profile of leaders through Quora’s sponsored answer campaigns. We feel similar results can be obtained by B2B brands on Quora.

Using Ads from more than Awareness

social media dashboard analytics

  • You can’t market to prospects on social the same way you do on other media.
  • To generate results, you must spark their interest with engaging content.
  • If you don’t have experience advertising on a certain social channel, learning how to position your brand and engage prospects can be an expensive and painful experience.
  • On the other hand, if you discover how your content can hook prospects to getting on your site and in touch, it gives you a leg up on your competition.


Social Media Marketing Expertise

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