Social is an increasingly important part of digital marketing

Regardless of your industry, it’s safe to say that your prospects are present on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora or YouTube. They are doing business by networking and solving work-related issues by participating in groups and scanning feeds. All this activity provides data that gives advertisers unparalleled targeting, including by demographics, firmographics, topics, interests or retarget those who have previously interacted with you.

Using Ads from more than Awarenesssocial media dashboard analytics

The problem is that you can’t market to prospects on social the same way you do on other media. Many aren’t aware of you; they are starting at the very top of your funnel. To generate results, you must spark their interest with engaging content. If you don’t have experience advertising here, learning how to position your brand and engage prospects can be an expensive and painful experience. On the other hand, if you discover how your content can hook prospects to getting on your site and in touch, it gives you a leg up on your competition.

Social Media Marketing Expertise

Having paid social campaigns under our management benefits you through:

Helping your Lead Generation

Whether you are already running social media campaigns or are new to them, try our 100-day pilot to cost-effectively reach and engage your target audience.