The term Search Engine Marketing refers to the competitive auction Google Ads and Microsoft Ads use to sell search result listings. In a Pay per Click (PPC) model, you set the cost you’re willing to pay the Search Engine for the searcher’s click which will bring them onto your website. For prospects in the middle or a bottom stage of the funnel, PPC is considered an ideal channel.

You can equate PPC to target shooting. Your site is the target and the individual who searches holds the gun. The act of searching and clicking on your ad triggers a visit to your site; like a bullet aimed at a target, creating a perfect sales opportunity…a bullseye.

The opposite is also true. Without the proper skills to handle Search Engine Marketing platforms, your marketing budget can quickly be wasted on clicks that never become sales.

How Search Engine Marketing works for Lead Generation

Winning Mindset for PPC Marketing

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  • When properly implemented and optimized, campaigns make use of the search engine’s algorithms to deliver leads at price that is low enough to preserve your profit margin.
  • PPC knows the intent of the searcher, by what they typed or spoke. This makes it an ideal platform for categories where demographic targeting can’t be used to identify buyers.
  • Campaigns are 100% measurable through Google Analytics, so you can see precisely how your website acts as a funnel.
  • You are in control of how you reach potential customers and the type of customers you want to reach.
  • Through Google Ads, text ads can be blended with image and video ads placed on other sites, apps and even sponsored messages inside of Gmail.

Getting Leverage out of Decades of Expertise

Take advantage of this channel, through the experience of our industry professionals who are up-to-date on their search engine ad platform certifications, and who hone their skills at industry conferences. We are flexible enough to handle your needs, whether you’re a first-time PPC user or have a long-running campaign. If any funnel components are lacking or not reaching your lead generation objectives, we have the expertise to build and/or optimize them.