Keeping a prospect’s interest is just as hard as catching initial attention

In fact, it’s rare for prospects to become leads on their first visit. With retargeting (also called remarketing), you can reach those who have visited your site but who haven’t converted into leads. When this audience who already knows you sees video or image-based ads (known as display ads) they are reminded to complete a call to action. Retargeting is the quintessential tactic for keeping those middle-of-the-funnel prospects in dialogue with you.

retargeting is like a message in a bottle

Send certain prospects a message in a bottle with retargeting

You can reach these prospects in several ways:

Campaigns based around Specific Audiences

You can target Custom Audiences which have been built from segments of people who have visited certain pages or from emails gathered in a list.¬† This targeting can be used to reach prospects that are in a specific industry, showed interest in a specific feature or meet multiple criteria. For example, a special offer to all who have previously signed up for a software trial and who have searched for your kind of software using the keyword “sale”.

How this Helps your Lead Generation

No matter which of these audiences you use, the costs per click are less expensive, and conversion rates are higher than Pay-Per-Click search campaigns. This is because you are not bidding in a highly competitive setting, you are bidding on clicks for an audience that is small, and unique to you.

Run a Pilot with audience-based channels and generate more leads in 100 days.