GA Fast4ward Workshop FAQs


A. Numerous participants have gone through this process and all have expressed delight with the end product. If you are unsatisfied, let the facilitator know before the end of the first day. We will see if we can work out a service that satisfies your needs. Failing that, we will process your refund for the full amount.


A. This is not for ECommerce companies. It is meant for B2B companies whose sites are used to generate leads. This is also not geared towards companies on Google’s 360 Suite. 

A. People who work in Marketing roles, Sales Operations roles, or Analyst roles

A. With the introduction of GA4, Google has given free access to their enterprise-grade analytics stack. Since we all need to upgrade, it’s worth the while to see what this stack makes possible.  This workshop places you in their petabyte-class cloud database, which can house your sales and marketing data and yield insights that are not otherwise possible.

A. You will be working hands-on with your company’s data all through the workshop. This means that you will finish the workshop with production-ready dashboards.

A. Yes. We begin with a pre-workshop assessment with the instructor that ensures everything is set up and ready. The workshops take place the next week, and a week after that there will be a post-workshop consultation on dashboard deployment. From beginning to end, the entire program takes two weeks.

A. To work hands-on with an ad platform, an account needs to exist and run ads during the last 12 months. Those who do not have this will still be shown documented steps on how to setup the data, but they will need to wait until after the workshop to implement the setup.  

A. For Search Ads and Display Ads (includes retargeting): Google Ads, Microsoft

For Social Ads: LinkedIn Ads

A. The workshop is geared for the most common advertising scenarios. For  setting up other platforms, we can support you through our documentation library and our consultation calls, but they will not be covered during the workshop.

A. If you are unable to attend the entire workshop and you let us know before it begins, we will work with you to find the best solution for substituting to have a colleague attend this workshop or to have you attend a different workshop. If the workshop begins without you notifying us that you will be absent, your fees become non-refundable.  We reserve the right to cancel up to 1 day before scheduled training. All affected will be offered the option to reschedule for the next workshop dates in that location, or to be issued a full refund. For more, contact us at

A. We follow all Public Health directives. If you have specific needs which prevent you from abiding by these, please contact us

A. To enable people to get the support they need, we are allowing no more than 6 students per instructor.


A. No. This workshop checks that you have the right Google-created code on your site so analytics works. If any code is missing, you will be shown how to add it. No other code is used.

A. This program expects someone to understand the type of data Google Analytics collects and presents in its traffic acquisition and conversion sections. Without this grounding, it will be difficult keeping up with the dashboard assembly part of the workshop. In this case, someone should consider taking a “GA4 basics” online training prior to attending. 

A. Unlike courses whose aim is to prepare current job-seekers for an exam, or give general product orientation, this is a workshop in which you go straight into using a product for a specific use-case. The teaching here also has long-term benefits, as you will definitely come away with a better sense of analytics and your ability to grow in the field.

If you care mainly about test-preparation, there are alternatives to this workshop that you should consider.

A. Major credit cards are accepted. Canadian companies can use Interac etransfer. If you need to be issued an invoice, please contact

A. Though pricing has not been finalized, the provisional price per ticket is CAD $2195 + tax. For pricing of groups of 2 or more, please contact


A. This workshop is done in-person, in order to work together in real-time under a facilitator’s supervision.  We do not offer an asynchronous or virtual workshop.

A. The email you use as a Google Account needs admin-level access to your company’s:

Google Search Console

Google Analytics (both Universal and GA4)

Google Tag Manager

Google Cloud instance (will set this up if you do not have one)

Ad Platforms (EG Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc)

Workshop Logistics and Confidentiality

A. Yes, please bring a laptop that supports the Chrome browser, along with it’s power chord.

A. It would be helpful to bring:

A list of the GA3 (Universal Analytics) reports you frequently use.

Definition for Qualified Leads, MQL, SQL, etc.

A. The training materials used to deliver the workshop will be provided to Attendees. Plus, they will have access to additional resources, with detailed walkthroughs, workflow diagrams, and a private knowledge-base which has 200+ FAQ articles.  This resource will be available for up to a month after the workshop.

A. There will be coffee/tea and light refreshments. Check your individual workshop to see if lunch is included.

A. You should obtain access to the account(s) so you can set them up on your data instance. While hands-on experience with the platforms is helpful, it is not required. 

A. The pre-workshop assessment will gauge the work your company’s configuration will take. Should it extend beyond the scope of the workshop’s first day, you may want to provision extra time to complete your setup, so you begin Day 2 at the same level of readiness as everyone else.

A. Yes. Workshop interactivity depends on connecting your data to the testbed environment. The facilitator will guide you through how to give temporary access to your data. You can revoke this access at any time after the workshop ends.

A. When working on company data, there will inevitably be times when you must refer to data on a screen, in order to troubleshoot issues. But at no time do other attendees have programmatic access to your data. To ensure the highest standard of confidentiality, all attendees must sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to participating in the workshop. 

A. IT-related questions/concerns can be directed to us at and we will explore how to address unique situations.


A. The facilitator will book a consultation call roughly a week after the workshop. Part of the discussion relates to how your management team has reacted to the dashboard data. The other involves the tools needed to maintain your data environment. While the workshop uses free tools wherever possible; we’re trying to make an implementation that stays “as close to bare metal as possible.” That said, the dashboards access live data using the trial version of a third-party  Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool and sandbox access to Google Cloud. For ongoing use of your dashboards, you have the option to either purchase a subscription from the ETL provider and setup payment on Google Cloud, or pay for a MWN-hosted subscription.

A. Cookieless, Server-side GTM implementation, optimizing Ad Campaigns with Offline Conversion Import, GCP as a Data Science Platform, First-Party Data Considerations, ML & data science cases like Attribution and Cohorts

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