Just because we sold X last year doesn’t mean we’ll sell 2X this year. No matter what top brass says.

Just because our product’s got brilliant technology under the hood doesn’t mean that’s the reason our customers buy it.

Just because our past performance has been mediocre doesn’t mean our future has to be.

Just because we tried an idea that flopped doesn’t mean we would have figured it out by doing nothing.

Just because you’ve single-handedly created a brilliant marketing initiative doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon by others.

Just because you’ve laid out exactly why people should buy from you doesn’t mean they will.

Just because you assume salespeople use only┬átried-and-true approaches doesn’t mean you should abandon creating new products and new approaches.

Just because prospects don’t respond to one marketing campaign doesn’t mean they’re to be written off from future campaigns.

Just because prospects need your product doesn’t mean they’ll neatly follow all the marketing breadcrumbs you lay out for them.

Just because you’re in the front office doesn’t mean you can ignore problems in your back-office. They’ll eventually come back to bite you.

Just because you see yourself as better than competitors doesn’t mean they share that opinion.

Just because marketing tactic X is used by bigger/smaller companies doesn’t mean you should use it.

Just because they’ve always bought the competitor’s product doesn’t mean they’re happy with it.

Just because your main client contact loves buying from you doesn’t mean they’ll continue if they face internal criticism, price-hikes or service issues from you.

Just because you’re slightly skeptical about my claims doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider their merit.