For every client we engage with, Marketing What’s New is bound to all the legal obligations of a corporate contract. As a service provider in an industry that has had its share of ethical crises, we believe in committing ourselves not only to legal standards but to ethical standards as well. Here are our standards of practice: 

  1. We will never run advertising for you that we wouldn’t do for ourselves. Specifically: 
      • On sites that are controversial or a brand wouldn’t want to be attached to. Such sites includes those whose content is exclusively political, adult-oriented, or relates to illegal activities.
      • We will never set ad targeting to run in countries that are notorious for using illegitimate means with the express purpose of consuming budget. As an example, we exclude Russia, China, Indonesia, Iraq, North Korea and Nigeria from campaigns.
  2. We will never, as your agency, buy clicks that we know to come from bots or pay a cost-per-click in excess of an agreed-to threshold that goes contrary to a brief or proposal.
  3. We will never add people to your ad audiences or buy social followers. We will only reach audiences you or your site’s traffic provides to us. 
  4. We will not make modifications to your website without informing you first.
  5. We will not use any advertising that makes any false or exaggerated claims about your offering or that doesn’t further your business objectives.
  6. We will not advertise to people who have actively opted-out of seeing ads. Nor will we include or exclude people based on demographic traits (race, gender, sexual orientation, income level) not related to the usage of your product/service. 
  7. We respect privacy policies and editorial guidelines set out by the platforms we use. We will not undertake any practices to circumvent them.
  8. We will not let your account be run by ad platform automation without your explicit permission. If automation is used, we remain responsible for monitoring and preventing harmful changes from being made to your account.
  9. We won’t charge any undisclosed fees by marking up media costs.
  10. We won’t accept any rebates from media platforms, as this puts us in conflict with our clients.
  11. We will use first-party data you give us only for your own campaigns. Your audience data will not be exported for use by us or other clients or our agency. It belongs to you.