Case Study

Welch LLP

B2B Industries

Marketing What’s New designed a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign whose objective was to find visitors in the geographies where they had offices, who wanted articles and recorded webinars on tax and audit topics.  To do this, they helped Welch LLP build landing pages specifically for PPC traffic with offers that were compelling enough to make a high percentage of visitors give their email address.

Over several months, Marketing What’s New also lowered the cost of their advertising campaigns to the point where they cut the cost per lead in half. This gave Welch LLP the ability to double the volume of leads while to keeping budgets flat.

As expected, visitors who gravitated to Welch LLP because of their expertise were willing to receive regular emails and talk by phone or in-person. The campaign grew their email list large enough that their business development team counted on the leads for their pipeline. The investment Welch LLP had already made in their content was rewarded with a healthy number of leads, who would later be brought on as clients.