Case Study

Endogastric Solutions

Life Sciences

The first constraint EGS faced was the limited geographies where it could have marketing campaigns. There were restrictions due to limited health insurance coverage plus a limited number of cities where TIF-trained doctors were located. Despite there being a large enough audience of heartburn sufferers in the US to justify traditional offline media, (over ¼ of the population suffers from chronic heartburn), EGS had to use extremely specific targeting to drive traffic to its website where consumers could access the TIF procedure.

They challenged Marketing What’s New to make sure that the people who were visiting the site through PPC ads were able to access the TIF procedure based on their geographic location. To address this, Marketing What’s New used geo-targeted PPC campaigns which offered potential patients the choice to either join the email list or contact a local physician directly by phone.

After two-and-a-half years, Marketing What’s New has generated hundreds of patient calls and an opt-in list with over 1,000 patients who receive the company’s emails,  and qualified visitors to the website jumped from a few hundred per month to about 10,000 a month.

With PPC campaigns running in over 40 US states with extremely focused geo-targeting, Marketing What’s New was also able to determine which tactics had the most influence on patient calls, and directed EGS’ advertising budget towards those specific ads – resulting in higher call volume than ever before. Marketing What’s New research also uncovered the amount of time between making the first call and having the procedure – which turned out to be 60-90 days. The two companies are continuing their partnership, expanding as the TIF procedure for reflux is accessible by more patients. “This is the third company I’ve hired Marketing What’s New to help me prove the value of the digital funnel for medical devices; they are on my A-Team.” –  Debbie Donovan concluded.