Complex Funnel Focus

Different business models require different funnel programs. We focus on these four types.

Lead Qualifiers

Continue marketing to prospects throughout a lengthy sales cycle using marketing automation. Nurture leads with personalized emails that speak to the concerns they have at each decision making stage. Use content offers, on-site graders, and quizzes to qualify leads. Send your sales team those that score well. 

OEMs Using Partners

Provide partners with leads to ensure the program’s success. Smooth out supply of leads coming from different regions. Capture contacts to ensure proper follow up and to measure partners on sales closes.

Event Planners

Reduce the waiting time; fill venue seats with time-sensitive offers. Take back control from ad platforms by rationing budget strictly according to event inventory.

Large-site Managers

Know what content gets a tangible response out of buyers. Quantify your content’s value to your executive team. Identify how content on the whole compels visitors to move through the funnel. Fill content gap where they drop out. 

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