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we partner with web development agencies

If you are a Web Design Agency worth its salt, you can customize a CMS and design a UX that will knock a client’s socks off. Despite this, your clients may… 

  • Ask why the site you built, isn’t getting more traffic
  • Had your help integrating an Email or Advertising platform with the site, and now want you to manage their campaigns 
  • Lack in-house people to maintain the site you built so that it generates demand


“Everyone has their own expertise. Between Marketing What’s New and ourselves we fulfilled the client’s revenue mandate in a partnership that our agency was very comfortable with.”
– Andy Church, VP Marketing, OnPath Business Services

If you are a Creative/Communications Agency, you know the intricacies of Branding and Design and know how to satisfy these client needs. Yet, you might still have clients who… 

we partner with design agencies

we partner with design agencies

  • Like the branding you did, but ask how it helps raise them above the competition.
  • Wonder why the creative or content you made doesn’t, on its own, bring them more customers

How does Lead Generation benefit existing clients?

If you said  yes to any of the above, you have clients that need lead generation. Many agencies turn these situations down because they don’t know how to profitably deliver these services. What holds them back is knowing someone they can reliably partner with, or their concern that the partner’s work overlaps with their own. Smart agencies have overcome these issues and found ways to profit from working with a lead generation firm.

How does a Lead Generation Partner benefit you?

Lead Generation firms aren’t married to websites, graphic design or copywriting that’s done by others. Lead Generation firms don’t provide any of these services, allowing them to stay objective and let the data show what works. By partnering with one, you will find out how your creative performs, testing it in the marketplace and learning how to make it better. You’ll gain insights into why visitors seek out your client and what content resonates with them; powerful information that most agencies don’t have when they are developing new content/creative.

Why Marketing What’s New should be your partner:

  • Trusted to run sophisticated funnels.  We have been trusted with 6-figure budgets and long-tenured campaigns. Clients have invested heavily in their funnel (both the traffic generation and lead nurturing components) and our job is to get a return on those assets.  
  • Priced at fixed-rates.  You can give firm costing to your clients and your client margin remains stable and strong.  
  • Tailored to work with partners. You can plug our workflow right into your agency’s processes, our delivery is seamless from their perspective. You are always aware of what’s going on, you get the data and you decide how it gets presented to your client. You can maintain the client relationship. 

If you are an agency who wants to partner, possibly reaching a new set of clients who need your services, let’s get in touch by email.

image credits flickr: tim_and_selena, DarienLibrary