With roots stretching back to 2009, Marketing What’s New is a Google Certified agency. Our team knows how to use search and social media advertising to find your prospects and turn them into leads. We serve companies in various B2B sectors as well as life sciences companies.

We’re obsessed with data, so when it comes to describing ourselves, we figure we should tell it by the numbers.

  • Number of lead generation programs run: 150
  • Number of leads generated: 4,500+
  • Combined years experience running lead generation programs: 35
  • Total media dollars managed under our programs: $1+ Million
  • Posts and podcasts published about Lead Generation: 100+
  • Number of guest articles and speaking engagements: 10+


Glenn Schmelzle

Glenn Schmelzle (Sh-Melt-Slee) is a marketer, husband, hockey dad and local community supporter. While in the corporate world in the 2000s, Glenn noticed the tactics he’d learned in MBA school were turning off buyers, who preferred to be marketed and sold to online. He also saw businesses struggle with the technical complexity and the heavy content demands of going digital. By taking an engineering approach to digital marketing, Glenn helped companies generate enough leads through their websites to positively impact sales. He believed so strongly in the approach that in 2009 he started Marketing What’s New as a blog about technology-driven, buyer-friendly campaigns. Interest in this approach led to the creation of an agency focused 100% on using digital channels to generate leads for clients.


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