‘We passed break-even on our lead generation costs, now it’s all upside’
– Technology firm CMO

Delivering profits from the most complex funnels.

A Canadian B2B Agency founded in 2013, we specialize in enterprises that have complex sales and that use their site for generating leads. We manage media campaigns and build out existing infrastructure in order to bring in leads at a cost that is net-positive to profits.

Our Services

Search Engine Marketing

Acquire search traffic that converts. Optimize or build your PPC/SEM campaigns to generate more leads using analytical testing and experienced thinking.

Audience-based Campaigns

Gain awareness and move prospects down the funnel. Spark interest by implementing social campaigns that engage prospects on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora.

Marketing Automation Services

Manage leads from site to sale and beyond. Implement and optimize your marketing automation system to fast track qualified leads through the funnel.

Funnel Enhancements

Support the campaigns you’re running and optimize your sales funnel.

From dashboards, insight reports, content audit plans, and more, our Funnel Enhancements work with our main services to optimize your lead generation. 

How we work 

It's all about you.

We make sure to understand your needs, no matter how complex. To deliver strong performing lead generation programs we’ve developed our SUPRLO methodology, to ensure your campaign’s results exceed your expectations. 

Who we work with

Different business models require different funnel programs. We focus on these four types:

Lead Qualifiers Lead Qualifiers Applications Logo

Lead Qualifiers

For users of on-site graders and quizzes. Nurture leads with personalized content. Send Sales those that score well.

OEMs using Partners Lead Qualifiers Applications Logo

OEMs using Partners

Provide partners with leads to ensure the program’s success. Capture contacts to measure partners on sales closes.

Event Planners Applications Logo

Event Planners

Reduce lengthy lead times and fill venue seats. Allocate campaign budgets based on current event inventory.

Large-site Marketers Lead Qualifiers Applications Logo

Large-site Managers

Know what content gets a tangible response out of buyers. Quantify your content's value. Fill content gaps.

Deb Donovan

I am so honored to be associated professionally with MWN. They have helped me reach digital marketing nirvana and what a great ride we’ve been on!

Debbie Donovan

Senior Director, Corporate Marketing for a Medical Device Manufacturer



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