I like using podcasts to keep up on various facets of marketing. Here are five podcasts on PPC and Search Marketing that I listen to regularly. Here they are, in no particular order.

Late Night Internet Marketing podcast, Mark Mason
Format: Solo host
Unlike some Search Marketing Gurus whose podcasts are laced with ‘Hire Me’ messages, Mark’s income is not derived from this podcast (he has a full-time job). His intent behind the show is to share the SEM concepts he taught himself by moonlighting as a website builder and affiliate marketer. He speaks on topics including: Google search changes, internet marketing programs, PPC and SEO. What I like about the podcast is that Mark explains the time that search engine strategies can take. Whenever he answers listener mail, he sets realistic expectations on how much traffic a tactic may bring or how soon it will happen.

PPC Rockstars, Dave Szetela
Format: Host interviewing guests.
David isn’t only a podcaster, he is also the author of ‘Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day’ His topics include: Google Search and Display networks, web analytics, AdWords best practices. He can get into heavy detail with his guests; it helps to listen to him while looking at your PPC dashboard. What I like about the podcast is David’s honesty that no one can cover all the subjects within the PPC realm.

Edge of the Web radio, Erin Sparks, Dougles Karr & friends
Format: Two hosts interacting, occasionally guest interviews.
Having recently celebrated their 200th episode, this show is hosted by Erin & Douglas, who work together at an Indianapolis-based web design agency. Their topics include: Google search changes, the impact of mobile on web, keywords and PPC/SEO. What I like about the podcast is its high production quality. It has all the hallmarks of a radio show, including some spiffy intros and segues.

Internet Marketing, Felice Ayling, Gerry White & friends
Format: Two hosts interacting, occasionally guest interviews.
The hosts may change, but this podcast by British firm Site Visibility has continued through over 265 episodes so far. Topics include: Design’s impact on search ranking, Google search changes and showing ROI on search marketing. What I like about the podcast is that one host usually interviews the other, asking the same questions I want to have answered.

Moz blog, Rand Fishkin & friends
Format: Solo host
The brand that was once known by the name SEO Moz has run a recurring blog feature since all the way back in 2007. While you can consume it like a podcast, it’s actually a weekly video shot in front of a whiteboard, and hence the segment aptly called White Board Fridays. Each week the host, usually Moz founder Rand Fishkin, dives into organic or paid search trends affecting performance and outlines options for website owners.

Traffic Jam podcast, James Reynolds
Format: Host interviewing guests
James is an English expat living in Dubai. He runs a digital marketing firm called Veravo, out of which he spun the Traffic Jam show. With 60 episodes churned out so far, topic range from social media advertising, to content copywriting, to retargeting, to search engine optimization. James’ high-calibre guests get grilled by him until they explain their PPC or SEO tactics in detail. I also like how each podcast episode is thoroughly written up, complete with a cartoon illustration of the host with that week’s guest.