The strategic decisions you make are only as good as the data you use to make them. Our Metrics Minder service manages your analytics platform so you have accurate data about how your marketing is performing.  Metrics Minder ensures the health of your marketing data, by keeping your campaign tracking and reporting tools in good working order. Even if you aren’t analyzing your data right now, you know that your website data contains insights that can help you market more effectively.


With Metrics Minder, your analytics account is being watched and having its ongoing needs met. Active monitoring means that your data will be there when you need it…and it will be accurate. We actively check:


Our services ensures that all your digital marketing can be analyzed. Let us know your new activity (there’s no monthly limit) and we’ll modify your platform so it’s tracked in analytics. These include:

¹ Uses Google Tag Manager account (if you currently do not have one, we will assist in creating account)    ² Uses HotJar and is subject to their volume limits. Extra charges may apply.

Price: $99/domain/month. Contact us to get started.

Note this service is not meant to be applied to Ecommerce domains.