This is one of a series of posts that surveys marketing podcasts and highlights my favourites. Podcast production doesn’t take much time or money, and that allows people in highly-specialized fields to share their knowledge. Conversion Optimization, also known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), holds a small but vital niche within digital marketing – and the existence of Conversion Optimization podcasts is proof that podcasting excels at connecting niche audiences.

What sets people in the Conversion field apart from the rest of the marketing field is that they don’t aim to increase the number of visitors coming to a site; they simply get more conversions from those who have already come to the site. So here are, in no particular order, some of the CRO podcasts that I think deserve regular listening.
ConversionCast with Tim Paige
Format: Host reviewing conversion case study with a guest
Interviewer Tim Paige is energetic as he interviews people who run high revenue-generating B2C Internet Marketing websites – uncovering their tactics for optimizing sites, email and SMS. As the marketing vehicle for a commercial interest, ConversionCast makes the odd plug for its LeadPages product, a conversion optimization plugin for WordPress sites. The podcast’s high calibre content justifies sitting through the odd promotional message.

The Conversion Scientist, with Brian Massey
Format: Solo host
Brian is an author and consultant, who stays true to his scientific calling by always sporting a labcoat. He also has a blog which is considered authoritative on subjects such as Analytics, A/B testing and optimizing content such as video. Most of his podcasts dive into Google Analytics, which he breathes life into, by not only giving us insight into certain data sources, but suggesting what actions we should take, based on that data.

Marketing Optimization Podcast, with Alex Harris
Format: Mix of solo episodes and host interviewing guests.
Alex is a Miami-based website optimization consultant. Though some episodes have notable guest interviews, Alex also does solo podcasts where he shares his thoughts on eCommerce, designing user experiences, and working in the optimization field. When you listen to Alex, you get the inside scoop on how to deconstruct websites. Whether interviewing a guest or doing an episode, Alex is curious, low-key and always genuinely passionate about optimization.

The Conversions Podcast, with Francis Teo
Format: Host interviewing guests
Francis lives in Singapore where he works in an optimization consultancy. His guests take us under the hood of their websites, showing the process they used to optimize performance. Francis tenaciously asks questions that he is curious about; which are oftentimes questions that we the listener also want answered. This podcast has been active for 18 months, but instead of podcasting once per week, it only releases episodes once a month. Topics range from high-level persuasion psychology to low-level eCommerce shopping cart optimization.

Landing Page Optimization, with Tim Ash
Format: Host inverviewing guests
Tim Ash is the well-known head of the optimization firm Site Tuners, author of ‘Landing Page Optimization,’ and the chair of Conversion Conference. Podcasts focus on the strategy behind A/B Testing, taking us through case studies of high-traffic B2B sites. Many guests are optimization experts who’ve spoken at Conversion Conference on the podcast. Though podcasts aren’t released every week, they come regularly enough to make subscribing worthwhile.

If you have favourite marketing podcasts you would like to share, please comment below!